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I really want to Paragraph Roleplay

-No Mature Content if I'm not comfortable with it
-Paragraph only for right now
-No romance with taken characters
-Notes only for Roleplaying (You may request in comments)
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If You would like to view it now or later here is the link~ :…

I'll be working on:
WIP Contest Entry by Roleplay-Silvy12
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WIP Contest Entry by Roleplay-Silvy12
WIP Contest Entry
A WIP for :iconkurodemangaka: 's contest, I decided to post the sketch because I won't be able to work on it digitally at all today, not enough time DX

Anyway I took a shot at the Victorian Era with Connor and Maricela, I'm sorry I couldn't be more creative DX Connor, I think your hair looks better a mess just sayin' XD

You can see how I plan to color Maricela's dress/ the dress she's wearing here:…

The Title of this piece is: Love Like War

Which is the name of a song I love by All Time Low and this piece did come from a roleplaying idea so it does have a story to it but I won't bother you with it, listen to the song if you would like :3 be creative, come up with a story~! Because mine is boring XD

Connor (c) Kuro
Maricela (c) me

We can only assume that it was stolen but whoever took it left no traces what so ever, we got everybody looking and nada, so we decided to see if you could figure it out.” The bat explained, handing the file over to the detective.

There is only two individuals that can steal something without a trace that I know of, so there has to be something.”

Back in the game are we, Fuentes?”

The wolf turned to his partner, “Alicia, good to see you.”

How's the wife?” She asked, flipping her purple bangs to the side.

She's well, just opened a bakery, you should stop by there some time.” He replied, flipping open the file.

Mako opened a bakery?! Where?!” A terrier jumped to his feet. The other partner to the detective continued, “Mako's baking is the best!”

I'll give you the address later, we have a case Ranger.”

Chris examined the photos in the file of the crime scene before frowning, “There's no way that this can be clean, something has to give us a clue. Alright, the homeowner is in the hospital, find her, question her while I get more information on the crime scene.”

Alicia and Ranger nodded before turning on their heels and heading to Alicia's car.

    Chris sat down at the table, “These are the photos and examiners say there isn't a trace.”

The lynx picked up the photos and examined them closely, “You know how a thief’s mind works, think you can spot something?”

I could but not through photos, we need to see the area, I am assuming you're going to enlist his help?” The redhead looked up.

Sadly, he's the professional when it comes to things like this.”

    “And the beggers gonna beg, beg, beg-”

You SERIOUSLY know the lyrics to this?” Theo asked, looking over at his partner in crime.

Yeah, Marie plays it like 40 times in a day.”

Wow, fail Connor.” Chris commented as he turned onto the street where the crime took place, before rolling up and beginning to park.

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate.” Connor sang, slipping out of the car while Theo rolled his eyes and Chris narrowed his eyes.

    Connor looked around as Theo searched the outside. Connor chuckled as he looked up making Chris look over to him, “What's your deal?”

Leave it to you cops to only check the floor. Yo Theo! Are any tiles loose?!” Connor shouted up to Theo on the roof, the lynx went checking before pulling one off and throwing it down while Connor caught it, “Anything else?!”

A piece of rope was thrown down. “Pfft, the cops got fooled by a bunch of amateurs. They came in from the roof, guy was on a rope so he wouldn't leave any prints, probably wearing gloves but judging by how poorly this job was done, I would check the rope, it looks near broken but the yarn splits like it rubbed against something, dude probably gave himself some rope burn.”

How do you not get caught anywhere?” Chris asked, taking the rope and tile before bagging it.

I shake it off, I shake it off.” Connor continued to sing the song from earlier before Chris shoved him away, and walked out towards the car. 

I imagine Chris enlist Theo and Connor for help when it has something to do with stealing XD

Chris,Ranger and Alicia (c) Me
Connor, Theo and Mako (c) :iconkurodemangaka:
“Alright, is the camera on?”

Chris sighed but nodded to the raccoon. “Alright, let's get this show on the road.”

Both of the males peeked up over the bed, “Today we will teach about the Canadian Lynx, our subject today will be a lynx by the name of Theodore.”

Chris rolled his eyes with Connor's dramatic introduction but listened as he continued, “Now a lynx is dangerous when risen from a night's rest, it takes a true professional so let me show you how it's done.”
Connor ran into the room at full speed and jumped on Theo, “Gooooooooood morning~!”

The lynx immediately threw him off and he hit Chris and the camrea. “That's how it's done folks~!”
Theo walked into the kitchen, stretching, making his back arch. Chris and Connor hid behind the wall seperating the living room and kitchen, “Get this behavior Chris.”

Another deep sigh, but he did so, filming Theo as he stretched while Connor narrated, “And here we see the Lynx behaving much like a domesticated house cat.”

Theo stopped stretching and rummaged through the fridge before pulling out some strawberries. “This Lynx seems to favor strawberries which is very unusual.”

Luxo ran into the kitchen at full speed, hugging Theo's leg and Connor faked his next comment, “Blimey! It seems this lynx has a sibling! Are you getting this Chris?”

The wolf behind the camera rolled his eyes to heaven and Connor continued, “This younger lynx seems to be about 8 years of age and his name is Luxo.”  
“Lynx typically meet with other female lynx for meaningless sex but what a suprise, this lynx favors something else, an American Mink!”

Chris faced the camera to Theo and Taryn talking about something inaudible. They watched in silence until Theo pulled her close, “He's making his move ladies and gentlemen.” Connor narrated the obvious. When things started getting more heated, “Crickey, we have to keep this PG but another fact...Lynxs like the booty.” They turned to where Theo was about to get more touchy feely when Connor made a comment to keep them from going farther, “Yeah grab that booty Theo!”

He immediately dropped Taryn making her squeak and hit the floor. Chris gulped as Theo turned to face them and backed up, “It was all Connor's idea! I was forced!”
Taryn laughed uncontrollably as she watched the film but stopped when it showed one more scene. Luxo and Mixi sat on the floor playing with their toys and talking with a comment from Connor, “This one is starting early.”

Taryn fell to the floor laughing while Theo narrowed his eyes, clearly annoyed.
I Dont Even Know
I can't stop laughing, I don't know why this is funny and to be honest I'm not sure what kind of lynx Theo is I just kind of guessed XD

Connor, Theo (c) :iconkurodemangaka:


Jackie Mata
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi Lovelies~! (That's your new name if you decide to watch me xD) I'm not very active here anymore, yet anyway. I plan on coming back fully during Thanksgiving break to see how it goes but I figured I could prepare you by leaving you something to get to know me by~.

First things first, I am a HUGE Supernatural fan~!!
Supernatural by kicsianna Supernatural Stamp by Vampiric-Time-Lord Supernatural Season 1 Stamp by MageStiles Supernatural Season 2 Stamp by MageStiles Supernatural Season 3 Stamp by MageStiles Supernatural Season 4 Stamp by MageStiles Supernatural Season 5 Stamp by MageStiles
Supernatural Season 6 Stamp by MageStiles Supernatural Season 7 Stamp by MageStiles
I know your next question and yes.... I LOVE Misha Collins~ ! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Ultimate Misha Collins Stamp by RandomTons Castiel Stamp by PoisonousKitten mishalicious stamp by kasienka-nikki

Don't Get Me Wrong, Jensen and Jared are cute too~! :heart:
Supernatural Stamp 1 by Hiddencrying

I'm also a huge fan of Pokemon~!
Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan Pichu Stamp by PFV0-Stamp N STAMP by Heart-Stamp Pokemon stamp by xselfdestructive
P.S- I stopped watching Pokemon after Misty left and I just watch those seasons over, and yes, I am a Pokeshipper (MistyxAsh)

I'm a huge fan of Sleeping With Sirens~! Their music inspires me to the max
.:Sleeping With Sirens:. by Toxyk-Melodi Sleeping With Sirens Stamp by fueledbychemicals
Sleeping With Sirens Stamp by Catosmosis

Also All Time Low
All Time Low Stamp by AllTimeScream Stamp: All time low by Ashley44598X All Time Low Stamp by kiwikuu All Time Low Stamp by CyanideSeason

And Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil Stamp 2 by Catosmosis Stamp: Pierce the veil by Ashley44598X

And Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men Stamp by scellix

I also love romance :heart: :heart:
Romance by skinnyveestamp Romance by ashesto True Love Stamp by MarmaladeYuu Dark Romance Addict Stamp by MarmaladeYuu Forbidden love stamp by MarmaladeYuu Darker side of romance stamp by MarmaladeYuu Firery Romance Fan Stamp by MarmaladeYuu
STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Pokemon: Jigglypuff stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo Amy Lee Stamp by fairlyflawed Black cat stamps by Shizuru117 ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05
Real Life is Boring Stamp by SGStamps Silver Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS Pajamas Stamp by Worldincoffee tripping... by princess-femi-stamps Nerd with style by Claire-stamps The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris IT'S OKAY TO CARE by heysawbones Online friends stamp by Suyy :thumb208949691: Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon Pen Tablet User by Kjherstin Tablet...stamp by regina35nocis It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFish Storm Stamp by soulshelter MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn Dance Dance by TheSaltyMonster I make faces stamp by GracelessLove Wishful Thinking by whispwill Can't Sleep Without Music by AssClownFish I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Panic At The Disco Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Music starts my day Stamp by SGStamps I Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zooky Dark Things Happy Person by Muttykins Long Artist's Comments Stamp by aque-mizuhara If a Picture's Worth... by savagebinn Rain Stamp by Bubel-Coyot Night owl by prosaix Born in November by Teeter-Echidna Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Somebody Already Thought of It by fear-the-brilliance
And Lastly, Yes I do Roleplay :
DA Stamp - Good Roleplay 02 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics DA stamp - Roleplays 002 by tppgraphics Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae

I haven't roleplayed in awhile....I really do miss it... If I'm uncomfortable with something then I'll let you know.

Contact Info:
:iconskypeplz: live: physicsilver12
:iconaimplz: Assassin Silvy
:icongmailplz: physicsilver12
I really want to Paragraph Roleplay

-No Mature Content if I'm not comfortable with it
-Paragraph only for right now
-No romance with taken characters
-Notes only for Roleplaying (You may request in comments)
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  • Listening to: my clock ticking really loud

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